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My Favorite Independent Bookstores with Great Vibes in the Capital Region

It is officially cozy season and for some of us that means lots of book reading. I am a huge believer that the best place to get books is always an independent bookstore. To me, you get amazing service from the staff, support a local business, and pay the same for any book on your "to be read" list as you would at a big box store (you know the one I'm talking about)... Plus a lot of these places have so much more to offer than just books! And if you are looking for a last minute gift for your friends and family this holiday, books can be a great option. Ask for the staff's recommendations for something that will make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. They always have the best ideas. So visit any of these amazing independent bookstores this season and get lost in cozy atmospheres, amazing selections, and more!

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What I love most about this adorable place in downtown Schenectady is that it really is so much more than a bookstore and is a great place to just hang out. They offer coffee, food, desserts, and cocktails! People come to just read and grab a coffee, or get some work done, or play games with a group of friends over some drinks. They also host events like themed trivia nights.

One of my favorite things for the serious book lovers is the blind date a book basket where they cover the book with brown craft paper and give a brieft synopsis of it so it's more of a surprise what you are getting yourself into.


Northshire bookstore has been in buisness for 10 years and it really is one of the best independent bookstores I have been to. They have an enormous selection rivaling major box stores and their staff is extremely helpful and will order anything for you that they don't have in stores. They also have a lovely selection of gifts and specialty items.

I really love that they have a separate floor for kids with a wonderful model train display and lots of toys for them to interact with.


Celebrating more than 50 years in business, this lovely bookstore is a staple of Jay Street in Schenectady. They have a great selection of books for adults and kids. They also have a wonderful gift shop next door full of lovely currated items; many of them are from other local small businesses.


You really cannot miss this beautiful building in the heart of downtown Troy. I really can't think of a better use of this building than a bookstore, and I really can't think of a better space for a bookstore. If you are like me and are in downtown Troy somewhat often, this is a must. They have a great selection, but even if they don't have what you are looking for, the staff is really helpful and can order basically any book for you!



Book House and The Little Bookhouse

The Book House is actually a sister location to Market Block Books and a fantastic location in Albany. Add it to your list when you are stopping in Stuyvesant Plaza. They even have a completely separate bookstore just for kids right next store!


What are your favorite bookstores in the Capital Region? Comment them below!

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