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The History of 71 S Main Street

This beautiful piece of history is currently looking for a new owner. Here are some historical photos of the property that show how it has transformed over the years from 1859 when it was built.

If you are interested in this property, make sure you visit the listing page!

This photo shows the home in it's prime sometime after it underwent major renovations in the late 1800s. This large tree and the beautiful wraught iron fence are sadly no longer there. The old shutters have also been removed. But for the most part, the home still looks like this today! Although we may never know what color the arched doors were originally painted, it looks like it's something much darker than the yellow color you see now.

Here is what the home originally looked like when it was built in 1859. It looks completely different! The front of the home you see in the other photos was actually built right onto this original facade. So there are original exterior windows on the interior now! The second floor was also built up substantially from this original layout.

Here you can see that it was the "Butterfly Gift and Tea Shop" in the 1930s. Rooms were also rented out from 1930 to1936. It would be amazing to see this turned into a shop or bed and breakfast again.

Here is a view down the driveway and to the backyard. You can also see a bit of the carriage house and the covered patio here as well. I love this white picket fence and the old arched windows.

Here is a view of the back of the house, it still looks the same today! And this carriage house is just massive. Fascinating to imagine what it was like to ride around by horse and buggy.

And here is this beautiful home today! I love that its history has been memoralized in these photos and passed on to the new owner. There are many more stories of this home's history that we will never hear, and many more memories to be made in the future...


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