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Pubs in Albany, New York with Great Food

Saint Patrick's Day is coming up, so I figured I would round up some of my favorite pubs in Albany. Although, I am not much of a drinker so I wanted to share my favorite places that also serve great food. If you are going to the Saint Patrick's Day Parade on March 11, some of these spots are within walking distance. Definitely check them out!

I know there are many many more in the city. What are some of your favorite pubs in the area? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. Tipsy Moose

  2. McGeary's

  3. The Hollow

  4. Lost and Found

  5. Druther's

  6. Dove + Deer

  7. O'Slattery's


Tipsy Moose in Albany is actually celebrating their 3rd anniversary. I just love the rustic vibe here and the food is absolutely fantastic. They also set up seating outside when the weather is nice and they are always packed. Such great energy here.

They also have locations in Latham in Troy.



McGeary's is actually a very historic pub in Albany. They are definitely a traditional irish pub with fantastic pub food. They often have live performers. In the summer, they expand out into Clinton Square. They often have performers outside as well.

For events visit their facebook:


The Hollow is a fantastic restaurant, bar, and performance space. I just love the modern industrial feel. The food here is absolutely spectacular. Highly recommend coming here for dinner or drinks or a show!

"Established in 2013, The Hollow Bar + Kitchen is a lauded and unique downtown Albany business. The Hollow is the only establishment in the Capital Region that is a 4-star restaurant, led by 2016 Albany Chef’s Food & Wine Festival’ Rising Star Chef Winner, Anna Weisheit, a notable craft beer bar and an awarded live music venue all-in-one!"



I love the fun modern vibe of this place. They serve great food with lots of vegan and gluten free options. They also have live music occassionally and have a patio that's open when the weather is nicer.



Druthers has become a super popular spot. They now have locations in Saratoga, Clifton Park, and Schenectady. There food is absolutely delicious. I personally really like the pretzels and beer cheese and their massive mac and cheese dishes that come with different toppings in a skillet. Highly recommend this spot.



"Nestled on the corner of Dove and State Street (formerly Deer Street), Dove + Deer is a newly restored bar in one of Albany’s oldest neighborhoods. Originally built in 1854, this historic brownstone has just been restored and refreshed. Our cozy atmosphere and affordable plates make this the perfect spot to gather with friends, enjoy a date night, or stop in for a drink from our craft beer, specialty wine, and cocktail selection."



This one might be a bit more out of the way, but absolutely worth the mention. The food here is just so comforting and delicious. They also have live music and events. There is a little patio off the back that's open in the warmer months as well. Delicious Irish pub food, definitely give them a try!


What are your favorite pubs in Albany? Comment them below!

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