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Pubs in Troy, New York with Great Food

Saint Patrick's Day is coming up, so I figured I would round up some of my favorite pubs in Troy. Although, I am not much of a drinker so I wanted to share my favorite places that also serve great food.

What are some of your favorite pubs in the area? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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Where: 417 River St, Troy, NY Brown's is definitely a local favorite. They are a family owned brewery and restaurant that is celebrating their 30th year in 2023. Their food is fantastic and they host a lot of events and private parties throughout the year. In the warmer months they have an awesome outdoor space overlooking the Troy Riverfront.

For St. Patrick's Day they are hosting a lot of events (

Their food is fantastic. I especially love their pretzel and beer cheese appetizer.


Ryan's Wake is a great Irish pub. Of course I love the old wood working on the bar, the tin ceilings, and the stainglass details throughout this pub. But they also have fantastic food. This was one of the first pubs I went to in Troy, and I still have fond memories of that. They also have a fantastic outdoor space overlooking the Hudson River.



Bootlegger's, or as we always called it "Booty's", is such a great spot. The energy here is always the best. They have pool tables and games. And the food is so good. I used to order take out from here all the time in college too. They often have events, DJ nights, and live music. In the warmer months they also have tables set up outside too.



The Ruck is another staple bar in Troy. Of course, I used to go all the time in college. And only recently discovered that their food is fantastic. They wings and burgers are out of this world. Such a good vibe here, definitely recommend coming with a group of friends.



McAddy's might actually be my favorite on this list. I love their wings and this had been a regular of mine when I lived in Troy. Love the atmosphere and the courtyard in the back is just the best when it's warmer out. They also have an awesome game's room upstairs.



I love their tag line of "A good bar is hard to find". The secret is out and you need to check this one out! Love this vibe in here and they have great bar snacks and bar food. They also have game nights like bingo regularly such a fun time.

"A classy trashy warm and inclusive dive bar tucked away in historic downtown Troy, NY"


What are your favorite pubs in Troy? Comment them below!

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